Let's Learn CKS Scenarios

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Let's Learn CKS Scenarios

Saiyam Pathak
29 ratings

This Book Covers various Scenarios/practice questions related to Kubernetes CKS Certification(Kubernetes version 1.26). It is a 60+ page book with complete solutions and some essential pointers. If you purchase the Gold pack, you will get the Video solutions(of all questions in the Book). There are 16 scenarios in total covered in the Book and complete solutions, including the setup for the scenario.

The pod security policy has been deprecated per the latest CNCF 1.26 curriculum, but the remaining Book should be working fine.

Also, if you want to understand how the Book works and the video is structured before purchasing, here is the sample of the pos security policy question and the video link in the GitHub repo, which will give you the gist of how the Book is structured.

GitHub URL - https://github.com/saiyam1814/CKS-book-sample

Happy CKS Preparation !!

I want this!


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